Clearing A Space This Summer

Have you heard of My Gut Instinct? I’m excited to have an article in their July 2019 newsletter and on their blog. The article is copied below and you can read on The My Gut Instinct blog.

Summer is a time to lighten. It’s the ideal season to spend more time int he sun, eat lighter foods, and make our homes lighter. As a professional organizer certified in the KonMari™ method, I guide my clients through a process which helps them to focus on what they want to keep in their lives. Once a decision is made about what to keep and treasure, it’s easier to make our homes lighter and let go.

This process is different from simply storing winter sweaters. It’s about asking ourselves if we want to wear that sweater or use that item next fall. When we decide to keep something, we make a choice. We fold it and create a place for it so we can find it easily. Perhaps we might even go a step further and take a moment to thank it – to recognize that this item has brought something to our life, that it has helped in some way, and that we are looking forward to using it again.

Information from studies, books on decluttering, and documentaries can be motivating. However, sitting down to work through a pile of papers or a mound of T-shirts feels stressful. We don’t realize how emotionally attached we have become to the items in our home. These items are everywhere, from the magnets on the refrigerator to the bottles of hair products we intended to try. We realize that we aren’t just decluttering; we are confronting aspects of ourselves.

There are a variety of helpful decluttering concepts. However, it is most important to create an intentional and thoughtful process that will provide motivation and establish a purpose when we feel the weight of the items we are about to sort through.

Choosing what to keep is an important part of the KonMari™ method. Recognize that while many things are nice, there are certain things that really speak to us or to who we want to become. These items are the ones that spark joy. When our decluttering journey is focused on keeping and enjoying the items that spark joy, it’s easier to let go of both the objects and the feelings in our lives that just don’t fit.

Just as we recognize that clutter is stressful, it’s important to recognize that we need to practice good self-care when clearing some space. When tidying or decluttering, create a plan, which includes breaks, and set start and end times. Certified KonMari™ consultants are trained professionals and guides. As I guide my clients through this process, I encourage them to take a break after working through something difficult. I also help my clients to tune into their responses to certain items. This practice helps my clients to recognize how much these items influence their lives. 

Mindful Decluttering Guide from KMI

Marie Kondo has posted a guide to find places to send your items after you’ve thanked them. I’m consistently impressed with the intentionality and the mindfulness of this method. As a certified consultant, I discuss with my clients the best place for them to send the items that are no longer bringing them joy.

Like many of my clients, I worry about how I’m contributing to the over-consumption problem when I decide to let things go. However, now that I’ve adopted a tidy mindset I’m so much more intentional when I shop. I’m making cleaner and greener choices. The process of letting go has helped me to be so much more careful about what comes in and has empowered me to reduce my spending and consumption.

You can view Marie’s decluttering guide at 

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Certified Silver KonMari™ Consultant!

I was so excited when I learned that Marie Kondo would be offering a consultant training in the US. I signed up for the first consultant seminar in NYC. There was a process to become certified and I wanted to work through the process as quickly as possible. I also decided to become a yoga teacher around the same time. (Marie’s first book is called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up…” for a reason.) It took me some time but I’m excited to share that I’m now certified as a silver level consultant! I’m so grateful for the clients who have shared their homes and their tidying journey with me. Tidying is truly a life changing process. You shift your thinking and your mindset. It’s a joy to share this process with others.


Mother's Day Sale!

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We are approaching the time of year when we give and receive gifts. For my most recent birthday, I was fortunate to have friends and family remember me and send me a little something special. Each gift is truly meaningful because it represents the thought, love, and caring energy from cherished individuals in my life. Even though I value these gifts, I don’t always end up keeping them. The KonMari™ process of expressing gratitude for each item that comes into my life, also allows me to let go. I recognize that I’m attached to the person who thought of me and cared enough to send me something. As I approach the holiday season, I reminded to place more emphasis on the person and the love behind the gifts I give and receive. As I shop for gifts, I’ve noticed that I prefer to give the gift of experiences rather than things. I love to give gifts that encourage my loved ones to take care of themselves and enjoy experiences that spark joy.

To that end, I’ve had a small number of gift certificates created for Joy & Space. If you are looking for a gift for someone who has everything, consider the gift of decluttering. You can purchase a $60 gift certificate by emailing me at

Two Space Clearing Questions

I was reading an article by Joshua Becker entitled, To Declutter Any Room, Ask These Two Questions.

He suggests that we need to declutter first:

“…when we take the step of fully removing from our possession the items we do not need, we find permanent, longer-lasting benefits.” 

I absolutely agree with him. However, the questions he posed didn’t resonate with me. I’m not a minimalist. What I love about KonMari™ is the respect for the items in our home. It’s reflexive of respecting and taking care of ourselves and our loved ones.

As a KonMari™ Consultant, I’d focus on these two questions:

1. Do I want to take care of this? 

Do you want to fold it and put it away?

Do you want to find a place for it in your drawers?

Do you want to thank it on a daily basis ?

2. What does this bring to my life?

Each item in your home is there for a reason. You or someone you love brought the item in. If the item is still bringing something positive into your life, then it should remain. However, some items aren’t bringing you joy. If you feel a rush of unpleasant sensations when you hold the item, take a moment to sit with those feelings. Notice and acknowledge the feeling. What can you learn from it?  After this pause, thank the item and let it go.

Please note that I ask “what” rather than “why” above. I think it’s important to steer clear of “why” questions. They lead us in a different direction and can stop us from progressing forward.

Letting Go

The KonMari™ practice of thanking each item when you let it go can cultivate such a sense of peace. I find it so helpful to reflect on how the item entered my life and what it's brought to me. Each item came into my life and home for a reason. After I've spent some time reflecting on it, it's so much easier for me to let it go. I love this practice of expressing gratitude. 

I've wondered how Marie Kondo came up with this idea. To that end, I want to share with you an article on NPR about a send off for old robot dogs. (I recall my nieces had a robot dog at one point.) I found the idea of this Buddhist send off and the way the company has cared for these robot dogs so moving. The company has taken time to repair the dogs it could, but recognizes that it's time to let this project go. By having this send off at Buddhist temple, there is space to honor the time that was put into creating these items. They are truly letting them go with gratitude. 

Women, Wine, and Shoes Giveaways 2018

If you attended or are attending the Philadelphia or Reading area Women, Wine, and Shoes events, please keep an eye out for the cord wrap organizer and bookmark in your gift bag. You can use the cord wrap organizer to keep your headphones, power cord, etc organized and easy to reach. (It's so pesky when they get tangled around something.)

Also, if you book by the date indicated, Joy & Space will donate a percentage of your first lesson to either the Opportunity House or the Alzheimer's Association. Please let me know if you attended the event when you schedule.