Two Space Clearing Questions

I was reading an article by Joshua Becker entitled, To Declutter Any Room, Ask These Two Questions.

He suggests that we need to declutter first:

“…when we take the step of fully removing from our possession the items we do not need, we find permanent, longer-lasting benefits.” 

I absolutely agree with him. However, the questions he posed didn’t resonate with me. I’m not a minimalist. What I love about KonMari™ is the respect for the items in our home. It’s reflexive of respecting and taking care of ourselves and our loved ones.

As a KonMari™ Consultant, I’d focus on these two questions:

1. Do I want to take care of this? 

Do you want to fold it and put it away?

Do you want to find a place for it in your drawers?

Do you want to thank it on a daily basis ?

2. What does this bring to my life?

Each item in your home is there for a reason. You or someone you love brought the item in. If the item is still bringing something positive into your life, then it should remain. However, some items aren’t bringing you joy. If you feel a rush of unpleasant sensations when you hold the item, take a moment to sit with those feelings. Notice and acknowledge the feeling. What can you learn from it?  After this pause, thank the item and let it go.

Please note that I ask “what” rather than “why” above. I think it’s important to steer clear of “why” questions. They lead us in a different direction and can stop us from progressing forward.