Mindful Decluttering Guide from KMI

Marie Kondo has posted a guide to find places to send your items after you’ve thanked them. I’m consistently impressed with the intentionality and the mindfulness of this method. As a certified consultant, I discuss with my clients the best place for them to send the items that are no longer bringing them joy.

Like many of my clients, I worry about how I’m contributing to the over-consumption problem when I decide to let things go. However, now that I’ve adopted a tidy mindset I’m so much more intentional when I shop. I’m making cleaner and greener choices. The process of letting go has helped me to be so much more careful about what comes in and has empowered me to reduce my spending and consumption.

You can view Marie’s decluttering guide at https://tinyurl.com/Joy-SpaceMindful 

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