Letting Go

The KonMari™ practice of thanking each item when you let it go can cultivate such a sense of peace. I find it so helpful to reflect on how the item entered my life and what it's brought to me. Each item came into my life and home for a reason. After I've spent some time reflecting on it, it's so much easier for me to let it go. I love this practice of expressing gratitude. 

I've wondered how Marie Kondo came up with this idea. To that end, I want to share with you an article on NPR about a send off for old robot dogs. (I recall my nieces had a robot dog at one point.) I found the idea of this Buddhist send off and the way the company has cared for these robot dogs so moving. The company has taken time to repair the dogs it could, but recognizes that it's time to let this project go. By having this send off at Buddhist temple, there is space to honor the time that was put into creating these items. They are truly letting them go with gratitude.