Our Process

Certified in Marie Kondo's method, Joy & Space coaches clients through a tidying marathon. Clients work through categories, starting with clothes, and determine which items bring them joy. Items that don't bring the client joy leave the home with gratitude. As clients hone in on their sense of joy, they are guided through the other categories. By the end of each lesson, clients have a deeper connection to themselves and the items they own.  

Lessons are typically scheduled in four hour blocks, but clients can schedule lessons for more or less time. Once all categories are completed, clients will have a tidy and joyful home. As of March 2019, lessons cost $50 per hour.

This process doesn't require additional storage containers, closet systems, etc. Clients simply use what they already have and are guided to see the possibilities. 

Clients only let go of items that don't bring them joy. If they love something, they keep it. 

Become a client and you can make space for an amazing life. Start by making space in your home and you'll be amazed by what flows in.