"Yuriko helped me really think about the things I owned and why I'm holding onto them. If they don't spark Joy- off it goes! She helps you methodically cleanse your space of all the stuff getting in the way of the things you do really love. There is an order to the method and once you go through her steps the lessons really stick! Plus she teaches you how to best fold your clothes. Now it's second nature for me to fold this way... my clothes & my soul are so much happier! Thank you Yuriko!"

"I was fortunate enough to have Joy& Space help me organize my apartment. I wasn't sure what to expect but I had a blast! Yuriko helps you organize and de-clutter in a completely non judgmental manner. Yuriko does everything at your pace. You are not made to feel that you are forced to get rid of items that you are not ready to get rid of yet. Yuriko's service is all about helping you de-clutter in a way that will fit your life style and comfort level. I really enjoyed learning how to fold my clothes in a way that creates more space. It makes traveling easier because all I do is grab the folded clothes and in my suitcase they go! If you are new to de-cluttering or have a need for it Joy&Space is the way to go!"

"Yuriko is incredibly talented and passionate about this work. She’s also a lot of fun to spend time with and makes the task of organizing and decluttering fun. If you’ve ever been curious about the KonMari method or about finding more space and freedom in your home, I highly recommend her!"

"Yuriko's warmth and openness made me feel instantly at ease. She was patient and able to facilitate the transformation of my space in an fun and effortless way. After a few months has past, I am still noticing the effects of the work we did together. She helped me be discerning in the way that I keep my home and wardrobe. I'm very grateful!"