Book a Tidy Coaching Appointment

“Success in tidying depends 90% on your mind-set… the chances of a rebound are higher if you only learn the ‘how-to’s’ of tidying.” ~Marie Kondo

Do you whole heartedly believe that you can and will be tidy and live in a decluttered space? Maybe you’re thinking it would be nice to have a decluttered space someday but you’re not ready. 

The first step is to shift your mindset!

Yuriko is a certified KonMari™ consultant with an M.S. in Clinical Psychology. She’s taught classes on time management and organization. She’s helped many individuals to become more organized so they can accomplish their goals.

Tidy Coaching sessions with Yuriko will give you the opportunity to establish why you want to tidy. The KonMari™ method is truly life-changing! Start by shifting your thinking.

Tidy Coaching Sessions include:

  • Mindfulness activity

  • Exploration of your motivations to tidy

  • Discussion of your ideal lifestyle

Schedule your Tidying Coaching session via the Calendly site below. (Yuriko will be in touch regarding payment and details after you schedule.)

Once you have a clear vision and have shifted your mindset, you’ll be ready to tidy up with ease.