Professional organization services certified in Marie Kondo's Japanese art of decluttering and organizing


"The greatest change that occurs through tidying is that you will learn to like yourself.

When you tidy, you gain a little confidence.

You start to believe in the future.

Things begin to go more smoothly.

The people you meet change.

Unexpected things happen in a positive way.

Change begins to accelerate.

And you being to really enjoy your life."

~ Marie Kondo, Spark Joy, An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up


Trained in Marie Kondo's method, Joy & Space coaches clients through a decluttering process. Clients work through categories, starting with clothes, and determine which items to keep. By the end of each lesson, clients have a deeper connection to themselves and the items they own.  

Lessons are typically scheduled in four hour blocks, but clients can schedule lessons for more or less time. Once all categories are completed, clients will have a tidy and joyful home. As of January 2019, lessons cost $40 per hour.

Yuriko’s (KonMari™ Consultant) tidy living room

Yuriko’s (KonMari™ Consultant) tidy living room

Our Process

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